Things To Consider For Modular Data Centers

Things To Consider For Modular Data Centers

Once you have decided on building the data center, your work has just started. You cannot expect your requirements to get delivered without proper planning to proceed with its construction. You need to have the right solutions for the construction to become successful. But how do you understand what you need? So here are certain considerations that almost every data center needs:


You need to spend your resources on the data center blueprints in a way that you get to have real estate facilities in a very compliant manner. Architects must utilize the biggest benefit that modular data centers provide. It is their design flexibility and easy consumption of space. In case you have constraints on real estate, the design team can build the blueprints that would suffice to the geographic parameters of the property. This will bring the certainty that the center is going to fit comfortably within the space and function optimally.


The data center will be low on efficiency if there is no right power source or the right redundancy. The major designs will be aiming to improve the performance and availability of the center. If there is any lack of power supply, these goals will be impossible to achieve. The right architect will be able to calculate the right amount of power needed to keep things running smoothly and plan for backup in case the supply fails.


Cooling is as necessary as is power. The right calculations need to be made to understand how to plan rear door heat exchangers, in-row cooling, chillers, split systems, and air or water-cooled computer room conditions. You can have the CRAC or the CRAH installed, besides using economizers and free cooling. One cannot cut on the cooling designs, owing to how important it is for the center.

Use case

This would help you analyze the motive behind using the data center. You might be using the center to store data on-premises or might be using it to power the cloud-native applications that are operated on a global scale. The requirements vary as you change the usage goals. But once you are working on a modular data center, you can optimize the construction and implementation.

Stendel Reich data center projects are built keeping the modular requirements in mind. This helps the architects to accommodate the center as per the spaces allow.