3 Qualities to Look For in an ERP Software in Singapore

Almost all medium-sized businesses and larger ones need ERP software to function. ERP software, also known as enterprise resource planning software, helps companies manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, project management, inventory, and risk management. An ERP software such as Sage 300 Cloud can connect multiple business processes and helps them exchange data with one another.

If your business is growing, getting ERP software from Singapore helps streamline your processes and ensure that you have no data duplication. Organising your data and systems well is often the key to a successful business, and ERP software can help you get far. If you need ERP software, here are three qualities to look for in one.

1. Mobile Friendly

Technology and the internet have made organisational systems like ERP software more accessible than ever. Because of this, software that isn’t mobile-friendly now seems outdated. Many employees might need the portability of an ERP app since they may need to walk around the store all day. For example, Sage 300 is ERP software from Singapore that has mobile options.

2. Recommendations and Testimonials from Previous Users

The best way to start narrowing down options is by looking at what other companies are using and how satisfied they are with the software. Many business owners or managers will leave reviews on the ERP software in Singapore that they’re using. See if they mention any features you’re looking for and any complaints and negative remarks they have to manage your expectations.

3. Reporting and Analytics

Your ERP system’s primary function should be to gather all the data collected from your business transactions and other actions and convert it into readable reports. For example, is the organisation holding many other, smaller companies? Your ERP software from Singapore should be able to gather the data from these businesses, no matter how far away you are. Knowing how much profit you’ve gained or lost, which products are most popular, and more are all information that an ERP system should be able to garner and convey to you.

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