So who exactly is Patrick Shin, and why is he making headlines right now?

You have probably never heard of Patrick Shin, yet he is a native of Hawaii. He may be unfamiliar to you, but if we tell you that he heads up the Hawaii-based construction business Nan Inc, you will likely recognize the name. This is the place to go if you want to find out more about the life of this wealthy businessman who was born in Hawaii but has South Korean heritage.

If you know Patrick Shin, please tell me his name.

One of Hawaii’s major construction companies was created by Patrick Shin’s Nan Inc. He established the Honolulu-based company that bears his name in the early 1990s.

The guy who would one day create Nan Inc had aspirations of becoming a prosperous businessman. What had started as a notion became a reality very soon. In the year 2020, he has more than 350 workers at his construction company in Hawaii. Numerous people in Hawaii’s history would not be where they are now without his influence.

Patrick Shin is a possible ancestor for South Koreans (his real Korean name is actually Nan Chul Shin). As part of his transition to his new life in Hawaii, he also changed his last name. He wants to make a difference in Hawaii’s future now. It’s only now, after many years of planning and preparation, that the dream may become a reality.

It wasn’t always a smooth ride forward, of course. Patrick started out in the construction industry with an abundance of enthusiasm for even the smallest projects. His company had record growth every year. In the beginning, there were also no employees. Only he and one other employee were present.

These are the people it’s geared for It’s None of My Business

Nan Inc. is a popular brand in the construction industry. They have won multimillion dollar contracts from the government. But they started off small, like many other companies. Their first construction work was to put up a road sign.

This success fueled Patrick Shin’s ambition and encouraged him to pursue other challenges on his path to greater achievements. In the end, his dedication paid off as his construction company became successful.

Nan Inc owner, Patrick Shin has the largest privately owned construction firm in Hawaii. As a result of our progress, we are now able to successfully complete even the most challenging tasks.

Preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build are just few of the many construction services that Patrick Shin and his company specialize in offering.

Giving back to one’s neighborhood

Most Hawaii-based businesses have the same kinds of COVID-19 issues as their mainland United States counterparts. Many businesses and people saw their incomes drastically decrease. Patrick Shin, the company’s creator, may have been able to assist due to his wealth and the money he received through donations. And, as Patrick Shin puts it, “I enjoy making a difference in the Hawaiian community,” so it “feels good to give back to the community.”

He has, of course, done much more in the way of community service. Nan Chul Shin is a regular at the South Korean festival on Oahu, and he’s also helped out a school in the Philippines and made some charitable donations to sports teams there.