How Do Pallet Changers Save Time and Effort?

One of the most advanced pieces of equipment that have been helpful for industries and manufacturers in delivering goods is a pallet changer. The innovation of this technology has brought great benefits to large, small, and medium companies in speeding up their production processes. 

Every day, huge quantities of goods and supplies are moved by pallets and throughout their movement, they sometimes need to be changed with supporting pallets. Since the majority of goods are transported by pallet trucks, practically every item weighing more than a certain amount needs a pallet underneath it so that a forklift can be slid beneath the load. These pallets either need to be replaced because they break while being used or are not suitable for the environment. 

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Benefits of a pallet changer

While swapping a pallet manually, the load needs to be unwrapped, unstacked and restacked on a separate pallet which is time-consuming and needs too much effort. The time required to manually de-stack and swap pallets can be very expensive when your business receives and exports a lot of palletized goods and inputs. Pallet changers can help you here by saving you time and effort. 

  • They simply tilt or completely invert the entire pallet and cargo instead of requiring to un-stack it.
  • This reduces the pallet’s weight and it can be replaced conveniently.
  • They are useful for production procedures that rely heavily on shifting pallets. 

Typical situations when a pallet changer is needed

The situation usually involves:

  • Removing a damaged box from the bottom of a loaded pallet.
  • Swapping a defective pallet.
  • Swapping between the different sizes of pallets.
  • Changing from a rented pallet to an owned one.
  • Changing to plastic pallets from wooden pallets.

How using a pallet changer is useful in such situations?

A pallet inverter is extremely useful in the above-mentioned situations. It allows a new pallet to have the load on top and then turns the entire load 180 degrees. This way the new pallet is at the bottom and prepared to support the weight of the cargo it is meant to transport. The old pallet is then taken out and either thrown away or set aside for use when the shipment leaves the distribution center. 

Today, most people are aware of how important and necessary is a pallet changer in a manufacturing unit. This is why pallet changers have become a vital part of the industries and changing the scenario.