Countries You Should Consider To Export Your Cargo With MSC Shipping Line

Countries You Should Consider To Export Your Cargo With MSC Shipping Line

According to a statistical survey, 80% of all goods are transported by sea. There is very little doubt as to the fact that the maritime shipping industry constitutes the very backbone of world trade. On top of that, the advent of cargo container ships with standardized containers have transformed the maritime shipping industry in unprecedented ways.

Proven to offer many benefits in comparison to transport by road, businesses and corporations continue to turn to shipping companies for cargo export, which in turn amounts to the industry’s steady rise. The MSC is a global shipping company with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, whose expansive network is spread over more than 155 countries worldwide with a workforce capacity of over 100,000 employees. It provides world-class shipping services along with latest tech-enabled additional services such as MSC tracking to track your containers. To avail the services of MSC, you can take the help of freight forwarders such as Cogoport who can help you in shipping with MSC and MSC tracking for your shipment.

Which Countries Should You Consider Exporting Your Cargo with MSC Shipping Line?

The MSC exports from all those companies occupying the leading positions in export in the global market, such as, the United States, Netherlands, Singapore, China, Germany, and Japan to over 155 countries across the world. For example, MSC is a leading voice for the export of cashews from West and East Africa to Asia. MSC offers a unique Country Guides services which contains extensive information on the demographics, trade routes, ports and terminals, export local requirement, import local requirement, and all other relevant factual information on the country that you wish to export to to enable the customer to make an informed decision and ensure smooth and uninterrupted transport. Rest assured whichever country you export to, then you will be able to make use of MSC tracking to check the region where your container is.

A few countries where you can ship your containers with MSC are:.

●    The Americas

A bulk of industrial machinery and telecommunications equipment is exported from Canada to the USA which constitutes about 75% of the country’s trading line is shipped with expertise by MSC. With the availability of MSC tracking, it becomes easy for exporters in these countries to track their shipments.

●    Europe

France: As the largest country in Europe, MSC offers a host of shipping services from France that are able to adequately tap onto its busy trade market for both import and export of goods.

●    Asia

Blooming sites of export within Asia, such as Singapore is an important exporter of tea, coffee, and beverages on one hand, and petroleum products on the other.

●    Middle East

MSC’s specialized system of containerization and inland storage facilities is able to export bulks of petroleum and petroleum products from countries such as Saudi Arabia in the Middle East to the US and Asia. MSC tracking is available in all regions and exporters can track their cargo.

●    Africa

Countries like Ivory Coast are an Exporter of cocoa, coffee, timber, and petroleum, among other products. MSC has minute knowledge about the financial institutions, demographics, and exchange control of Ivory Coast, among over 40 other countries in Africa.

MSC Shipping Line offers a variety of services that will cater to your business’ every need and provide door-to-door shipping while offering the most effective and economical solutions to all your export queries. Resolving customs formalities or providing warehouse and storage options, MSC is fully devoted to the needs of the customer to provide immaculate services at every step along the way. It additionally allows you to track your containers via the MSC tracking which can help you to plan for emergency situations in case of a disruption of services.