Boost The Web Accessibility of Your Site with The Accessibe WordPress Plugin

When it comes to website accessibility, automated plugins for WordPress like Accessibe are very popular. This plugin is easy to download and install for every business owner. It scans the site for new content daily after every 24 hours to alleviate tensions and make your site ADA compliant round-the-clock.

The Accessibe WordPress plugin is equipped with the technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence

The Accessibe WordPress plugin is infused with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is why it is popular in the market for its fast and accurate solutions when it comes to web accessibility.

There are at least one out of four people in the USA with a disability. This is why the laws of the land mandate that business owners should ensure their sites are accessible to everyone, especially those with physical disabilities.

Alleviating the tensions of small business houses

When it comes to maintaining the accessibility of a site, small business owners faced a lot of problems in the past. They could not afford to keep an in-house web development team like their larger counterparts and so, in the process, had to spend a lot of time and money on doing it themselves. Since they were not adept with the complex issues of accessibility, they resorted to DIY methods where certain aspects were overlooked, leading to compliance issues.

Thanks to the advent of plugins like Accessibe,this ordeal is now a thing of the past. Small business houses can alleviate tensions knowing this plugin will take care of all their accessibility needs without hassles.

The foreground and the background applications

Two applications work towards maintaining accessibility. The first is the foreground application that deals with user profiles and deploys artificial intelligence technology to allow users to choose their preferred profiles.

The second application deals with the more complex functions of the site, where keyboard navigation and screen readers have to be optimized. The goal of both of these applications is to make the website functions better with an aesthetical appeal. Users with disabilities should not face problems when it comes to site navigation and user experience. They should get all the content they need on their first visit so that they keep on coming back to the site each time the need arises.

The Accessibe WordPress plugin is straightforward for you to use. Its installation process just takes two minutes, and its features are intuitive and comprehensive in nature. Thanks to its 24/7 compliance features, business owners now do not have to resort to expensive and manual processes to make their sites accessible with this plugin. Business owners do not have to write a single code and spend a lot of time or money on the accessibility of the site at all. In a span of 48 hours, you can make any site content fully compliant, and the AI technology of this plugin will continue to scan the site for revised and new content.