Top 3 tips on how to properly finalize the text of an email sales letter: effective best email closings

An effective final email offer can be drafted according to all the rules of business etiquette. But the digital world has its own rules. And it has its own requirements for such texts. Read more about how you can write the best email closure at We’ll try to solve the mystery of what the last words in a message should be, based on the experiences of other experts.

Template is good: anti-creativity wins

Ending an email with a certain template – a link to the main site, the author’s name, a topical image – is a good thing. In regular letters and communications, most customers value rhythm and consistency, consistency, and quality. So, the best way to keep the communication going is to form a template for the last lines of the letter and follow it. Of course, there can be changes, innovations in the design and construction of the final words and media objects.

However, you should not be partial with such innovations. The rhythm of these changes should be no more than 3 months. And preferably not more often than six months.

The whole power of the appeal is in the last words: it’s almost poetry

The half-day line of an e-mail message is an exceptional power of appeal and call to action. Shouting to the customer – buy, rent, sell – is not a good idea. But the last line of an email should:

  • express gratitude for the user reading the message;
  • include a call to action or a statement that will stimulate action;
  • contain such turns, such words, that would directly point to the current time, to the fact that the sender is working now, and the sentence is related to the current time.

The last sentence formula is effective if it shows a desire to interact further: the author expects a response in the form of a response, a purchase, a counteroffer, and the like.

Write the truth and give your coordinates: It’s serious

If the email contains an offer of investment or information about a possible purchase for a large sum of money, you should end the email with basic information about who the source of the information is. It is advisable to include:

  • contact phone number;
  • email or a social networking account for correspondence
  • the physical address of the company, the location of the office.

Cross-checking these data or at least one of these addresses is easy enough. For a potential client, such information, and the fact that it is indicated accurately and in full will already mean a lot. In addition, we should not forget that not everyone likes e-mail correspondence. And they are ready to begin cooperation with a phone call or a personal meeting.