Benefits Of Slats You Can’t Deny

Most merchandisers find the process of outfitting their stores with ideal layouts and fixtures. They look for premium-quality and strong things that don’t get damaged easily. Hence, they look for something professional; however, they do not want to miss out on the latest trends. This is the reason they zero in on slats. Regardless of whether it is a neighborhood boutique or a department store, you will find the utilization of slats to arrange and design retail layouts.

What are slats?

Slat is also known as slat wall, and it is a popular building material that you can find in various forms that range from free-standing fixtures to wall panels. At times, people use them with some attachments, such as shelves and bins that hook into the slats snugly. It means people can update their displays in some moments, even when they don’t possess any tools.

Benefits of using slats

Retailers from all across the globe find more reasons to rely on slats to display their items. Some popular reasons to rely on slats are:

  • Reasonably priced– As slats are versatile and they serve several purposes, they feel excellent for people’s hard-earned money. If you opt for no-frills and fundamental slats, you will find them at a pretty lower price. Contrarily, when you opt for higher-rated boards that have custom finishes, you will have to pay a higher price for them.
  • Durable– People opt for the best building materials as they have a good life expectancy and they can’t be damaged easily. Moreover, they can hold heavy merchandise compared to other fixtures, particularly when they insert metal accessory rails into the channels. In this matter, slats emerge as unmatched in more ways than one.
  • Versatile– You can use slats in various ways, including displaying candies, body care products, brochures, clothing, etc.
  • User-friendly– No person needs his toolbox. After people assemble their panels and fixtures, they hook on their attachments and begin to merchandise.
  • Custom appearance– Between a huge assortment of shapes, kinds of attachments, sizes, and finishes, people can form a retail display that will look unique and help their businesses as well as their requirements extremely well.

The method of selecting slats

Every slatwall board has two things in common. It has grooved slats and is created from fiberboard. Some factors you have to consider while choosing slats are:

  • Component

The majority of slats are created from MDF or medium-density fiberboard, which is popular for its eye-catching ratio of strength to weight and reasonable price. When you are on a budget and lack any particular display requirements, you should opt for MDF.

  • Groove spacing

Slats are popular for grooving, and you can measure groove spacing from the middle of a groove to the middle of the subsequent groove. When you opt for a smaller groove spacing, you get more usable grooves, but larger grooves give more strength.

  • Finishes

People find slats in many laminates and finishes. As a result, people get lots of choices to discover a display that will cater to the budget and personality of their store.


Even in the presence of lots of options for retail displays, slat walls for sale continue to be fundamental to the majority of store displays. Besides retail stores and merchandisers, residential garages, schools, and flower shops also opt for them for storing and displaying their products smartly.