InboxDollars hacks – Quick and easy tips to boost your earnings

InboxDollars is a rewarding site that pays users to complete simple online activities like taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, applying for offers, and more. While you earn a steady income just by using InboxDollars routinely, you also use some clever tricks to maximize your earnings. Most special offers and opportunities are sent directly to members via email. Checking your InboxDollars email daily ensures you never miss out on high-paying surveys, limited-time contests, seasonal promotions, bonus point offers, and more. Email is the primary way InboxDollars communicates exclusive offers before they get filled up and closed. So, check emails twice daily and click on links quickly to avail these time-sensitive chances.

Use two accounts

This clever hack almost doubles your earnings. Create two accounts with different usernames, emails, and demographic profiles. It allows you to take surveys from the same providers twice by using each account. Some offer walls also allow completing the same offers across accounts. Don’t use the same payment info on both accounts to keep things clean. Managing two accounts takes more time, but significantly increases your earnings potential.

Always visit inboxdollars first

Get into the habit of directly visiting before other sites. The homepage has your daily checklist of quick activities, highest-paying surveys, daily contests, and more to boost your earnings. Visiting first maximizes your chances of catching high-paying opportunities before they disappear for the day. Consistently visiting the homepage should become part of your daily routine. Don’t wait until you have a large balance to cash out your earnings. Initiate small gift card cash outs frequently, like every time your account reaches $10. It ensures you collect your earnings instead of losing them if anything goes wrong later. Frequent small redemptions also earn you more chances to win prizes. More prize entries compound your earnings.

Play games on the go

Take advantage of the Linkedin Pulse article to play games while waiting in lines, during commutes, or in other spare moments. The app allows you to earn money while playing games on the go. Casino games like Slots, Solitaire, and Bubble Popp pay 3 to 15 cents each. Playing just 10 games daily earns an extra $10 monthly. Always visit the InboxDollars search portal before shopping online anywhere. Type the store to earn cashback on your purchases. You earn 1-20% cashback when shopping from hundreds of online retailers through their tracked links. Searching first ensures you never miss earning bonuses on your existing shopping and bills.

Participate in contests

InboxDollars runs numerous contests throughout the year with prizes like gift cards and cash sweepstakes. Most contests are free to enter and only take a minute. Competitions bring variety and fun ways to earn bonuses along with your regular earnings. Enter all giveaways you qualify for to maximize your chances of winning prizes and sweepstakes grand prizes. You earn 1 cent for every 2 video views. To maximize earnings, simultaneously play videos on a desktop, phone, and tablet. It allows you to watch multiple videos parallelly and significantly boosts video earnings. Just mute all but one device to avoid noise.