Fast Weight Loss Understanding the Calorie Game

Most people do not lose weight because they do not understand what they really need to be doing in order to lose weight. Most think that all they have to do is get a gym membership and they will lose some weight. Others think that if they eat more salads, drink some water then they will be slimmer. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You have to understand the role that calories play in the weight loss game.

In order to lose weight you must try to control how much you eat. Most people are over eating and that is a proven fact; just look at our society, there are more obese and overweight people now than 10 years ago. They are gaining weight but they do not understand why.

The fundamentals of the calories game is to understand that you cannot take in more calories than you really need. If you eat more calories than your body can burn then your body has no other choice but to keep it in storage. Hence, you become either over weight or obese.

No one can really tell how much calories you need per day, it really depends on your unique body. To understand your own unique body calorie needs, you might need to visit your doctor. He or she will be able to get your measurements and give you a plan to start with.

But counting calories does not mean that you will be hungry all the time, it just means that you are eating within your calories needs. When you eat pay attention to how much calories you are taking in.
You do not need to spend hours at the gym to burn your calories. Here are some quick tips to get you burning those unwanted calories:

1. Instead of taking the elevator all the time, try taking the stairs and you will be burning about 100 calories.
2. If you love to dance, then get out your dancing shoes. Just by doing some of those funky moves you will be able to shed about 100 calories.
3. Next time the car needs washing pass the car wash and wash the car yourself. You will save some money and you will be sure to burn about 280 calories.
4. Who said that being a great parent does not have its perks? Just for being a good parent and playing with the kids, you burn about 80-140 calories.

Try keeping track of all the food and calories that you eat by keeping a food journal. This is a great way to help you eat healthy and also plan your meal. Keep track of what you are eating, how much calories that particular food has and what time you are eating. This is a great way to keep track but it is also a great tool to keep you motivated and committed.
Once you understand the calorie game you will not be a slave to food anymore. Being informed about the foods and the calories that they contain will also help you to make better food choices. If you eat right and add some moderate exercise, such as walking into your weight loss program you will see progress. But remember you took some time to put the weight on so stay positive and be patient with yourself.

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