Company Registration in Turkey: Is It Really Good For You?

Company formation in Turkey is simple; however, it is essential to comply with local legal requirements. A company may be incorporated in Turkey with a minimum of one shareholder and one director. Turkey allows for the incorporation of companies without needing a physical presence. The advantages of forming a company in Turkey include the following:


Turkey’s economy is thought to be quickly growing and open to global innovations. This nation is among the top 30 for safeguarding investments from corporations. According to statistics, Turkey is ranked among the top 60 locations worldwide for conducting business.

Free Trade Zone in Turkey

A company can be incorporated in the Turkish free trade zone by an investor seeking company registration in Turkey. The government would provide various benefits and tax benefits to encourage company incorporation in a free trade zone. In addition, an investor can return funds from the Turkish Free Trade Zone to their native country.

Direct Foreign Investment

Turkey is the country in Western Asia that receives the most foreign investment from nations like the UK, the USA, and India. It demonstrates how Turkey’s government has opened various industries to international business.


Turkey is one of the top 60 business locations in the world. The Transparency Index places Turkey among the top 70 nations for having the least corruption. As a result, the government does not get involved in the Turkish company registration procedure.

Customs Union

Turkey is a part of the EU’s customs union even though it is not a member of the EU. As a result, thanks to this union, several exemptions from trade restrictions and tariffs apply to Turkish goods.

Efficiency of Business

A Turkish company can be incorporated with relative ease. A corporation can be created in Turkey with just one director and shareholder. In Turkey, EUR 3300 is the minimum capital requirement for company creation. A shareholder can incorporate a firm without being physically present in Turkey.

Turkey’s economy is regarded as one of the ones that are growing the fastest globally. You may get assistance from the professionals at the Fo-Consultancy about a company formation in Turkey. So, if you are looking for any help, don’t forget to get in touch with them.