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Writing a CV

Apr 8th

Get Britain Working!

Lots of great CV writing advice all in one place! Read »

Sep 17th

Shopfront, sausage and sizzle : 3 crucial CV factors

large__8140959437 You're asking a lot from your CV. In only two pages (or sometimes even one) you need to show a hiring manager that you can do the job, that you're the sort of person that they're looking for, and that you'll make a great impact on the organisation. Read »

Apr 18th

Formatting your CV for non-traditional career paths

small_2306249760What an employer most wants to see on your CV is proof that you can do the job you're applying for - preferably within the first few seconds of reading. Read »

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Apr 9th

Making sense of your career history

small_3307790990The people who seem to ask for help most with their CVs are generally not those who have held similar jobs throughout their careers. Read »

Apr 3rd

Help! There are gaps on my CV

small_2504979711Of all the CV problems people worry about, having unexplained gaps seems to the biggest, judging by the questions we get in the Guardian Careers CV clinics. Read »

Dec 4th

Why you should invest in a professionally-written CV

Most people apply for jobs in the same way. They submit their CV to a job board or to a recruiter. Read »

Oct 5th

How personal should you get on your CV?

When I see CVs like this one, it makes my heart sink. Read »

Jul 4th

Applying the “so what?” principle

A while back I read a great post (on the then BNET) on 5 types of undervalued workers (or some such title). It's quite similar to this one by Jeff Haden on where to find your next great hire. Read »

May 2nd

Is your CV getting you results?

How many times have you applied for a role that could have been written for you, but not got anywhere with your application? Read »

Apr 25th

Wanted: Employers with decent communication skills

Employers: you only have yourselves to blame if you receive a whole slew of bland, cliche-filled CVs and covering letters. Read »