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Dec 12th

3 LinkedIn tips for jobseekers

logo_132x32_2The general consensus is that 2014 will be a better year for the economy - and a better year for job seekers. Read »

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Aug 6th

Applying through Linkedin – how to avoid the black hole

One of the biggest problems with online job applications is that you often never find out whether your application was successful. All those hours spent finetuning your CV - for it to disappear into the black hole. Read »

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Jul 24th

How to prove you’ve got the traits employers want

Here's the dilemma. Read »

Jun 28th

Summer tasks for job seekers

Summer is for slackers and beach bums. Who wants to slave over spreadsheets and plan the details of their next networking event when there are far easier (and rewarding) things you can do to propel your job search forward? Read »

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Apr 4th

Making LinkedIn work better for you

How much mileage are you getting out of LinkedIn? Is it working for you, in terms of new job leads, recruiter calls and so on, or is your profile just sitting there, gathering dust? Read »

Jul 13th

Loosen up your Language

Does your cover letter read something like this: Read »

Jun 14th

LinkedIn Roundup for Jobseekers

What's practically the first piece of advice that anyone in careers will tell a jobseeker? I'm betting it's "get a LinkedIn profile". Read »

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Jun 6th

LinkedIn’s new application for jobseekers

Lots of commentary and analysis last week from recruiters about the soon-to-be-launched "Apply with LinkedIn" application. Read »

Nov 17th

Getting to Grips with Personal Branding

Career coaches, CV writers, job search "experts" are forever extolling the virtues of personal branding. (At least we're all singing from the same hymn sheet, for once.) Read »

Mar 9th

Creating a consistent professional image

One of the more damaging things you can do in your job search is to send mixed signals. If you write one thing in your CV but contradict yourself at interview, you're going to appear unsure of yourself at best, inconsistent or too flexible with the truth at worst. Read »