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Nov 11th

3 alternative job search strategies

large__3154003517If you're sick and tired of the same old job search strategies, there's probably not much energy or enthusiasm in your applications. Read »

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Oct 16th

Why you need a career plan

large__6829454435This is a post I wish I'd written for myself five years ago. Read »

Category: Career dilemmas
Sep 17th

Shopfront, sausage and sizzle : 3 crucial CV factors

large__8140959437 You're asking a lot from your CV. In only two pages (or sometimes even one) you need to show a hiring manager that you can do the job, that you're the sort of person that they're looking for, and that you'll make a great impact on the organisation. Read »

Category: Writing a CV
Aug 20th

Why won’t the employer tell me the salary?

large__4860945122It's immensely frustrating to see a job advertised - one that you think would be a great match - only for there to be no salary details. Read »

Aug 6th

Taking time out from your job search

large__2201494670(1)Around this time of year, I see a lot of articles with titles like "How to be more productive during the summer" and "How to get more done when your co-workers are on holiday". That sort of thing. Read »

Jul 11th

Are you cut out for management?

small_2137729430A blog post on Guardian Careers, Navigating internal recruitment from colleague to manager, outlined some of the many pitfalls that can lie in wait for new managers. Read »

Category: Career dilemmas
Jul 1st

No more stupid interview questions

large__3161095736It's official. When even Google finds them a poor predictor of performance, perhaps now is the time to bury for once and all those weird and wonderful stress questions. Read »

Jun 27th

Mental illness and work

small_4006709Some years ago, I needed to take time off work. I didn't know it then (I never went for diagnosis) but looking back, there were some signs of depression and anxiety. Read »

Category: Career dilemmas
Jun 20th

How ‘perfect’ a match do you need to be?

small_6270262038A lot of people are put off from applying for a 'good match' job because they don't fulfil all the requirements. Read »

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May 28th

When you fall through the employment cracks

small_150954085One of the most heartbreaking situations that comes out of a recession is talent gone to waste. Or talent left unused. Read »

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