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Job Interview Techniques

Apr 10th

Interview advice roundup

This is also part of the #GetBritainWorking initiative. Tips for making the most of the interview, asking the right questions, and making a great impression! Read »

Jul 1st

No more stupid interview questions

large__3161095736It's official. When even Google finds them a poor predictor of performance, perhaps now is the time to bury for once and all those weird and wonderful stress questions. Read »

Nov 12th

What an interviewer does not want to hear

If you've got as far as the interview, don't wreck your chances by shooting yourself in the foot. Read »

May 16th

When the interview is a task

What's the best way to really shine at interview? How can you convince the interviewer that you're not just capable of doing the job, but that you can do it brilliantly? Read »

Nov 14th

Why you need to inspire the hiring manager

If you've got as far as an interview, you're already considered capable of doing the job. Read »

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Nov 4th

Interview your manager

In a telling article in the WSJ, a survey reveals that many new managers over-estimate their skills. 72% said they never questioned their ability to lead others in their first year as a manager. And although admitting that delegating and coaching were weak areas, only 15% flagged these as areas for development. Read »

Jun 15th

Why a bad interview isn’t always a disaster

Interviews can go wrong. Read »

Apr 14th

Taking back control of the interview

Not all interviewers are good. Many are untrained, some are inept, and some just turn up ill-prepared on the day. Companies might make you jump through their hoops (read PunkRock HR about how some companies make candidates attend three or more interviews) and some might not follow-up promptly. Read »

Dec 14th

4 ways to find out if the company fits

2112417049_3300f8f27e_tIf you have a choice whether or not to accept a job at a company, what would deter you - apart from the question of pay, benefits or promotion prospects? Read »

Nov 27th

Common interview questions

Five of the most common interview questions. Read »