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May 30th

How to improve your employability

large__3017515135Here are a couple of great resources if you’re baffled by career choices.

Enhance your career and employability skills

A new MOOC offered by the University of London and the Careers Group (at the University of London), this six-week free course takes you through the fundamentals of career choice and helps you develop your employability skills.

You’ll be looking at how to identify your career values; how to articulate and develop your skills; where to look for jobs; and application, interviewing and networking tips.

There’s no formal assessment, but there are activities each week to help you explore the issues. Forums enable you to share your experience with others and to get feedback and support from careers professionals.

Student employability profiles

A PDF from the Higher Education Academy looks at the skills that can be gained from various degrees and maps them against the skills required by employers (such as cognitive skills, technical ability, commercial awareness, etc.)

It’s written mainly for careers professionals, but if you’re a graduate unsure about the value of your degree (and the skills you developed), there are some useful pointers about what an employer might find valuable.

So, for example, if your degree is in Anthropology, your skills might include analysing and evaluating relevant qualitative and quantitative data, or thinking independently and applying analytical, critical and synoptic skills – alongside an ability to engage with different cultures and groups, etc.

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  • Tatiana St-Louis May 30th, 2016

    I don’t know if it’s because of my browser, but the Higher Education Academy PDF is not loading properly.

    Otherwise, great tips! Being a “recovered academic” as I like to call myself, I learned with time what were “winning” skill combinations for recruiters when promoting myself after my M.A.

    Thanks :)

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