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Mar 3rd

National Apprenticeship Week

When university tuition fees are making a degree an ever-more impossible dream, school leavers might think their options are limited.

However, employers are often prize apprentices as much as they do graduates. Many employers themselves have worked their way up through the company and recognise the value of learning on the job, one example being Microsoft who offer apprenticeships in software development.

If you thought that an apprenticeship was an option limited solely to trades, think again. Quality apprenticeships now exist in a huge variety of sectors and industries, from agriculture to arts, business, retail, health, leisure, construction, enginneering and law.

The National Apprenticeship Site has lots of useful information on types of apprenticeships, along with how to apply.

The City and Guilds site also has further information, with case studies and career ideas – helping you to map training options to a range of careers.

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