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Jul 11th

Are you cut out for management?

small_2137729430A blog post on Guardian Careers, Navigating internal recruitment from colleague to manager, outlined some of the many pitfalls that can lie in wait for new managers.

Some (but by no means all)

– being too authoritarian
– being too “matey matey”
– being too afraid to have difficult conversations

Recognising each and every one of these traits in myself (and to be fair, in many of the managers I have had), the obvious conclusion is that not everyone is cut out to be a manager.

It’s a faulty assumption to think that just because you might do well in a role (or “on the tools”), you’ll therefore become a good manager. In fact, not every successful employee even wants that sort of promotion.

If you’ve been offered a management role, weigh up the pros with the cons. As a given, you’ll need to recalibrate your relationships with ex-colleagues and new managers; put greater focus on the goals of the company; learn different ways of communicating – both up and down; and meet new targets. And as you do all this, you’ll be under the watchful eyes of both ex-colleagues and new bosses.

Not under any pressure then.

If you are a new manager, and feeling a little out of your depth, make sure you get support. The Guardian article suggests finding a mentor to help you. Two other resources:

Ask a Manager – a US-based site, but with tons of useful advice and solutions to everyday management problems

Career Circus – training, coaching and resources for young professionals in the UK

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