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Jan 21st

Fed up in your job? Here’s your way out.

book cover2Life is too short to be stuck in a job that doesn’t inspire or fulfill you. If you think that sounds idealistic, unrealistic, or self-indulgent, think about it from another perspective.

If you’re doing little else but just coasting along and doing work that doesn’t challenge or stretch you, how will you explain this period of inertia to a potential employer a few years down the line, asks John Lees, in How to get a job you’ll love (2013-14 Edition).

He observes that many of us plan a holiday or new kitchen in greater detail than we plan our own careers, with the result that we hand over control of our career. Or we might stay put and keep our heads down, unhappy or stagnating in unrewarding roles, fearful of making the wrong move…

Many of us can identify with that.

John Lees unpicks the reasons why making good career decisions is so difficult, and through a series of exercises (easily done with old-fashioned pen and paper) addresses the constraints we impose on ourselves, explores skills (including those that are as yet undeveloped, undervalued or unpolished) knowledge, interests and values. Other exercises help you identify your career hot buttons (what you really want from a career or job), and to understand your strongest areas of intelligence and how your personality.

He’s very clear on one aspect of job hunting: in a world with more choice than ever before, there’s huge pressure on us to find the “right” occupation, and the sense that somewhere out there is a perfect job for each one of us. Probably the reason why articles with “find your dream job with our easy personality quiz” or similar are so popular – and compelling. But it’s not about waiting for the dream job to come along, he advises, but also about working out what kind of work would be a good fit.

Once you’ve done the exercises and identified some good avenues to explore, John Lees has great advice on how to research sectors, creative job search strategies (how to network – baby steps), putting together a good CV, and planning interviews. There are also chapters on using social media, portfolio careers, and long-term career management.

Highly recommended for job seekers and career changers.

How to Get a Job You’ll Love is available from Amazon.

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